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‘You Can Become Anything, Anywhere, Anytime: The Future of Living with Avatars”, (6th July 2024).

The Avatar Symbiosis Project, a research project, started this year at the Miraikan Museum. This project aims to make a society in which everyone, regardless of age or disability, can recognise each other, make friends and live together. The project also aims to create a future life in which humans can freely enjoy in various activities using a large number of avatars, (remotely-controlled robots and computer graphic characters), with abilities beyond those of ordinary people.
It sounds exciting, doesn’t it? So, you may be asking, “What is an avatar anyway? “

During this event, project leader and robotics professor, Hiroshi Ishiguro, and legal professor Fumio Shimpo, who studies robot and information law, will firstly ask, “What is an avatar? What kind of future will it be it in which humans and avatars co-exist in harmony? and what kind of place will this future be, where humans and avatars can live together? “

After having thought a little bit more avatars, you will be able to discuss with the researchers how they themselves would like to live with avatars. You know, this technology is still being work out, and your honest opinions about living with avatars will really help us in our future work.

Can avatars allow us to be anything, anywhere, anytime?
With avatars, will you be able to work, study and play more freely and as you wish?
What do you think about such a future?

We really look forward to talking to you about all of this.

Hiroshi Ishiguro
Fumio Shimpo

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